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Emergency Preparedness for Alabama’s Kids

Build A Kit

After a disaster happens, you may have to leave you home. Learn what you will need in your emergency kit to be prepared..

Make A Plan

Do you know what to do during an emergency? Learn how to make an emergency plan to keep you and your family safe.


Play fun and exciting games and learn more about emergency preparedness. Click the link to join our friends and go on exciting adventures.

Join Our Team for Fun and Adventure

Play the interactive games below and learn fun preparedness facts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our citizens, strengthen our communities, and build a culture of preparedness through a comprehensive Emergency Management (EM) program. Alabama Emergency Management Agency is a leader in EM. We will unabashedly focus on our people, our EM family, and our communities and invests in human capital in a fiscally mindful manner to prepare for the future. We educate, train and mobilize people for action and unity of effort.

Our workforce is composed of highly trained and educated professionals who are the credible EM source for preparing Alabamians for all hazards and threats.

We are budget conscious and data-driven decision makers who use emerging technology to accomplish our mission. Our strategic investment in technology strengthens relationships with our stakeholders and customers. We create innovative solutions to solve complex problems and will seek opportunities to pioneer change in EM to build resilient communities.





Alabama Emergency Management Agency’s $2.2 million facility held its groundbreaking on January 26, 1990 and was scheduled to be completed by late 1991.

Upon completion, some quickly compared the capabilities the new facility to the Pentagon and looked at it as a model for other states to follow making Alabama a leader for emergency management effort in the United States.

The Emergency Operations Center was designed for government continuity and to complete one of its mission, coordinating state resources for as many as 34 state agencies. These responsibilities can be carried out by a staff of more than 200 individuals representing many different government and private agencies.

Governor Kay Ivey appoint Director Brian Hastings as the Director of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency in 2017.

Join us by scheduling a time for your group to tour our agency.

Career Day

Alabama Emergency Management Agency encourages youth of all ages to prepare for their future by determining what they would like and can be successful in as a career. Starting the process of discovering career opportunities as a youth creates a great foundation to build on.

If Emergency Management is one of your choices in career opportunities we would love to visit with your group and discuss the many different direction you can go.

Let us be a part of your career day by contacting us at the following.


Alabama Emergency Management Agency would like to become a partner in education with you. We would like to join you in the classroom to help built awareness on emergency preparedness. As we work to build a culture of preparedness we believe our starting point should be with students in the classroom where a great learning environment can be the perfect place to learn about Alabama and your local community and all the hazards and emergency situations we may face.

If you would like us to visit your classroom contact us at info@ema.alabama.gov or go to the contact section below.


Alabama Emergency Management Agency and partner agencies join together to host Be Ready Day to help educate students about severe weather preparedness. This day coincides with Alabama’s Severe Weather Awareness Week which focuses on educating the public about severe weather preparedness.

Be Ready Day is designed for youth and will consist of a day full of interactive learning about topics related to severe weather awareness week. The preparedness topics are severe thunderstorm safety, lightning safety, tornado safety, flash flood safety and all hazards preparedness. Local meteorologists and the National Weather Service give presentations about each topic. State and local first responders have equipment on display and they discuss their role in disaster response and preparedness.

Follow on FaceBook at AlabamaEMA or here a kids.ema.alabama.gov on get information on the next Alabama Be Ready Day.


Natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and windstorm affect thousands of people every year. You should know what your risks are and prepare to protect yourself, your family and community.

Recognizing an impending hazard and knowing what to do to protect yourself and your family will help you take effective steps to prepare beforehand and aid recovery after the event.

Learn more about the hazards that may affect your community by joining us at your local Be Ready Day or other event. Contact your local Emergency Management Agency at https://ema.alabama.gov/county-ema-directory/ for information about your next local Be ready day.







Preparedness Videos

Severe Weather

This video teaches children what to do in different types of severe weather—such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and extreme heat or cold—and what they can do to prepare.

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